5 Ways to Keep a Healthy Mindset During Lockdown

None of us like hearing the words “We are in lockdown” and my thoughts are certainly with the people who have experienced many or are currently still in lockdown. 

Because our conscious mind likes to be busy, if we don’t give it something to focus on, it will run along on its own little tangent.  This little tangent, especially when we are feeling stressed or we are under pressure, may not necessarily be the direction our thoughts should be heading in though.

So, if you want to keep a healthy mindset during lockdown, or for that matter, continue to grow a healthy mindset, no matter where you are and what you are doing, reflect on the following points.

1. Be Mindful of Your Thoughts

I want you to envision a time where you experienced a situation where you were in an argument with someone.  All you can hear is the other person banging on like a buffoon and how annoyed you felt.  Not a pleasant experience was it.

Now  I want you to think about and imagine yourself at the most relaxing place where you like to spend time.  The place where you experience and feel so relaxed and complete happiness.  The place where you can tune out of day-to-day life. Who can you see there with you?  What noises can you hear?  Can you feel the warm of the sun or is there a cool breeze blowing?  

When we tune into and are mindful of our thoughts, we are then able to understand why we are experiencing certain feelings or why we are seeing a situation in a certain light.

What we think about, will determine how we feel.  I know which example above I would prefer to be thinking about and experiencing! 


2.  Gratitude

We hear this so often don’t we.  Yeah, yeah I’m grateful you might be thinking, but are you really.  As the example above demonstrated, we can either decide to focus on the negatives in our lives or the positives.  We can so easily tune into imagining good ‘stuff’, so why not do more of something that makes us feel good.  I’m grateful everyday for my healthy and strong body and mind and that my boys are also healthy.  What are you grateful for?  Think of at least five things.   It could even be the fact that you are not in lockdown with your ex.  Now that’s gratitude right there.

3.  Do all those little jobs around the house that you have had on your do-do list

Come on, we all have that do-to list in the kitchen draw buried beneath string, pens, school notes that are never read and keys that you just can’t work out what door they belong to.  Imagine how proud you will feel when you see your list getting smaller and who would have thought that our local Bunnings would be considered an essential business.  No excuses!


4.  Get outside

How sweet is the smell of fresh air and if you have teenage boys, you’ll know what I mean?  Even if you don’t have a garden, go out and sit on your balcony.  Feel the warm of the vitamin D soaking in.  And if you are able to go for a walk or keep up your regular exercise at home, do it.  Exercise boosts serotonin in our brain and studies have shown that exercise is at least as effective as serotonin enhancing medications. And if your current exercise regime doesn’t do that for you, it’s time to change your exercise.

5.  Stay connected

Pick up the phone and enjoy a real conversation.  Not social media but the good old fashion picking up the phone and actually speaking with the other person.  Nothing shows someone that you care and that they are important to you, then by making the time to call them and have a chat.

Consider how quicky this year has gone already, and even though when we are in a difficult situation, it seems like time goes so incredibly slow. When we tap into and listen to our thoughts, and then understand what drives our feelings, it is easy to understand why a healthy mindset is so important.

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