Ever wondered why you lose your motivation?

I often hear people say ‘I am really motivated to lose weight this time’ or ‘I am really motivated to change my bad habits’ or ‘That’s it, I’m not going to drink alcohol during the week’ and the list goes on.

Check in with them a couple of weeks later and you guessed it, they where really motivated for a few weeks, then they fell off the bandwagon. 

It happens to all of us at some point or another.  We get excited, we set our goals or targets and we are off and running.  But then boom!  We lose our motivation. 

Why?  How can some people stay motivated longer than others?  How it is that we achieve some of our goals, but other things seem to elude us?

Well, let’s go back a step and look at
what the word motivation really means. 

I know this an extreme example, but when someone goes missing, the police will look at the people who have the biggest motive.

They look at what is in it for the perpetrator?  It could be they would gain financially, that is, they would gain a huge inheritance or insurance payout.  The list goes on, but you get my drift, they start with the person who had the strongest motive. 

Can you remember wanting something so badly when you were a kid that you wouldn’t stop nagging your parents until you got it?  You may be all grown up now, but when you harness that passion and energy of wanting something so badly that you won’t give up until you’ve got it, you can guarantee you will get what you want. Hotter than a successful dinner date with your partner, yes sir re you will be all fired up and wanting more. 

So, here’s five steps to support you along the way: –

  1. What is your motive?
    What is your motivating force to want to achieve your goal?  What is your driving force, what is going to spur you on those days that you think, nope I don’t want to play today, or it’s too hard?  Let’s say you are wanting to work on improving your self-esteem. Why do you want to have a healthy self-esteem?  What will happen if you don’t become confident?  Why is this important to you?  What difference will it make in your life?  When you think about it, what will you look and feel like when you have become confident.  What will you be doing?  What will you be thinking?  How will you look?  Who will you be spending time with?  Where will you be living? 
  2. Have clear direction
    We need to have a plan and be organised so we know what we are doing when we get out of bed each day.  What makes you feel good about yourself?  Is it when you exercise on a regular basis like going for a walk, is it when you are wearing a certain dress or pair of jeans?  Whatever it is, do more of it. What steps and actions are you going to be putting into place?  Break it down to monthly, weekly and daily.  One small step at a time.
  3. Add some intensity?
    By putting a deadline on it, we are adding some intensity into our plan. If we don’t, then there is no urgency on achieving our goal.   Some goals though, can’t have a time frame, like working on our confidence, as this is something that we work on every day and check in with ourselves on a regular basis to see how we are going.
  4. Visualise it
    Put a picture on the fridge or somewhere where you will look at it often, of when you felt confident to spur you on.  When our mind can conceive it, we will achieve it.
  5. Look at your internal or external factors
    By that I mean, who you surround yourself with.  Do they raise you up and encourage and support your goals or are the silently pushing you down and trying to keep you in your place where they can control you?
    When your support person hears you talking negative about yourself, ask them to pull you up on it and then you have to say something positive about yourself. 

If it is not happening for you, your want is not big enough, nothing will change and your life will stay the same.

Remember to: –

  • Always focus on and stay positive
  • Speak as if you have already achieved it
  • See it, smell it, feel it, hear it and think it everyday
  • Be very specific for what you ask for and the universe will provide

Is your motive strong enough?

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