Hypnotherapy FAQ

Commonly asked Questions

Q. How does hypnotherapy work?

A.  Hypnotherapy is evidence based and allows us to become receptive to positive ideas at a subconscious level and to change beliefs and behaviours. It also allows us to strengthen, reinforce and enhance our mindset using our own individual motivation.

Q. Am I asleep during hypnotherapy?

A. No, you will feel more like you are in a daydream state and very relaxed.  You can hear what is being said at all times and sometimes the conscious mind will drift in and out and think of random things and then it will settle down. Then the subconscious mind becomes wide awake and is then receptive to new beliefs and ideas. 

Q. Am I still in control and can I still talk during hypnotherapy if I want to?

A.  Yes. At times, there can be a little bit of talk between client and hypnotherapist depending on what is being worked on. You are in control the whole time.

Q. Will I be brain washed or made to do something I don’t want to do?

A. No. Our subconscious mind will not allow us to do something we believe is ethically or morally wrong.  It is there to protect us and wants the best outcomes for us.  You are always in control. 

Q. Do I have to live on the Sunshine Coast?

A. No.  If you are unable to visit my hypnotherapy room, I offer Zoom sessions which are just as successful. 
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