Hypnotherapy for Health & Weight Loss

Get your mind right and your body will follow

Do you eat because you are bored, stressed or feeling emotional?   Do you binge eat and then feel so ashamed of yourself later?  It’s one thing to recognise our triggers and patterns, but it is a completely different mindset that is able to have the strength not to indulge in them.

Do you know the way we talk about our body and what we say to ourselves when we look in the mirror, has a huge impact on our health and weight? Our conscious thoughts are like a magnet. When we criticise our body, when we tell ourselves “Yuk” when we look at ourselves in the mirror and say, “I’m fat and so overweight”, our subconscious mind is very obedient, and all it wants to do is keep us happy.  It says “Ok, your wish is my command.”

Our mindset about food and our entrenched beliefs about our body, is what controls and influences our health.  If our beliefs are negative the result will be we will overeat, over drink, we won’t exercise, and it becomes harder and harder to break this destructive, negative pattern.  We just get fatter, unhealthier and unhappier.

Imagine if you started saying, and more importantly believing, that you love your strong and healthy, lean body” what difference do you think that would make on a subconscious level when you go to grab that packet of chips or that extra glass of wine?  Well let me tell you, you won’t! You will stay strong and focused because your new embedded belief will be too strong to break.

Willpower can only take us so far

Changing past beliefs and embedded limiting beliefs formed over the years about your weight, your looks or your health, means ensuring your body and mind stays strong and healthy.

If you don’t change your deeply embedded mindset in this area, nothing will change and all the will power in the world won’t help you either.

Permanently change the way you think and feel about food and enjoy the benefits of experiencing healthy weight loss and great health.

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