Hypnotherapy for Self-Confidence

Low self-worth can impact every area of your life

If you currently have low self-confidence you would know that it undermines a person’s belief in their abilities, their self-worth is low or non-existent and can manifest in feeling inferior to others.  It impacts, controls and restricts every area of their life.

People who have low self-confidence also judge themselves too harshly and don’t believe in themselves.  They think they are not tall enough, smart enough etc. and this prevents them from ever trying new things or having a go. 

They think others are more worthy than they are and will often tolerate unhappy relationships or stay in a job they don’t like because they don’t believe they deserve better or that they don’t have the skills or knowledge to be employed elsewhere. 

This prevents them from achieving their goals or even thinking they have a possibility of ever achieving their ambitions. 

They worry about what people think, they take constructive criticism personally, can become low assertive and won’t voice their opinions.  Leaving them feeling unhappy, sad and wishing they could experience all the joy and success that they see others achieve.

Hypnotherapy is an evidence-based technique and proven to be an extremely effective way to regain self-confidence. Hypnosis is about subconsciously enabling a conscious alteration of habitual and patterned beliefs. 

The Power of Hypnotherapy

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