Hypnotherapy for Stress & Anxiety

Grinding stress wears people down and can destroy people’s minds, bodies and even their lives

Do you often feel overwhelmed or feel unable to manage mental or emotional pressure? Stress is our bodies response to physical, mental or emotional tension and can often cause chemical changes in our bodies that can result in raising our blood pressure, our heart rate and even our blood sugar levels.

Sometimes through various experiences in our life, stress and anxiety is often a by-product and can stay with us long after the event.

Over time, stress can also lead to feelings of frustration, anxiety, anger or depression. Stress management can seem complicated and confusing at times, but it doesn’t need to be that way.

Acute stress is the most common form of stress which can develop from demands and pressures of past events and even anticipated demands and pressures in the perceived future.

It can also stem from trauma and past experiences that continue to be internalised therefore remaining painful and present in our daily lives.

It is a heavy and pointless burden that we do not need to carry and the first step is acknowledging that we no longer what to think or feel this way. And if we don’t say to ourselves “that’s it, no more”, over time the stress and anxiety just gets worse and even more debilitating.

Imagine living your life with renewed energy, hope, calmness and confidence

Well, you can if you are ready to leave your past behind you by changing your mindset today.

If you are crystal clear and hear yourself saying “Enough is enough, I’m over this” contact me now.

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