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Imagine how good you will feel living your life with a Strong and Positive Mindset

We often hear it is all about having strong ‘willpower’, but as I am sure you already know, it is not that easy to break a habit of thinking or feeling a certain way, just because a part of us wants to.  If only it where that simple.

Twenty years of working as a Mindset Coach and being a Clinical Hypnotherapist, I understand the importance our mindset plays in our daily lives.  

Because we all experience the world through our senses, when we are in a deep state of relaxation through hypnotherapy, our physiology will respond accordingly.  That is, it will respond as if we were actually experiencing the changes in our surroundings. Our minds are extremely powerful and can immediately go off in any direction that we tell it to go.

How often have you experienced hearing a song and immediately it makes you feel happy, and you start singing along. Or maybe the opposite happens, and you begin to cry.  Or you think of someone, and it makes your smile, or depending on the person, you may feel anger start to dwell up inside of you.  Or you smell hot bread that has just come out of the oven and you start salivating.

As human beings, we are wired to experience the world through our senses. We can either have them work in sustaining a healthy and positive mindset, or allow them to keep us stuck in negative, destructive, and unhelpful attitudes, feelings and behaviours.  The choice really is ours.

Hypnosis is an evidence-based modality, and it was Scottish physician and surgeon Dr James Braid who first began to use the word ‘hypnosis’, derived from the Greek word ‘Hypnos’ meaning sleep, in the 1840’.  Throughout time, it has been proven that there is a very strong and effective connection, between our subconscious and conscious mind and the benefits are both physical and psychological.

Through guided imagery and being in a deep state of relaxation, hypnotherapy enables us to influence and guide our mindset for positive outcomes.

Through hypnosis, we are able to maintain focused attention, therefore having an enhanced capacity to respond to suggestions. And hypnosis is a very natural and common state we experience every day.  It is a completely normal human ability we all experience and enjoy at different times.      

One of the many benefits of hypnosis is the ability of the subconscious mind to re-frame past events and allow the physical body to release accumulated stress and past beliefs. 

When a habit emerges over time, our brain stops fully participating in decision making.  It stops working so hard and diverts its attention onto other tasks. So, unless we deliberately fight an unsuccessful or destructive habit, the pattern of behaviour will unfold automatically.

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Get your mind right and your body will follow

Have you noticed that just when you are working towards your goals and creating positive changes in your life, negative thoughts, and bad habits start creeping in?

We will say to ourselves “No, no I’m really determined this time” or “I can manage or control it.” But our conscious mind has ideas of its own and likes to be the boss. Like any boss though, it can make some poor decisions at times.  We might say to ourselves, “I’m doing so well at the moment with not eating chocolate” and then your conscious mind kicks in and says “Oh chocolate, I really need some chocolate now.  Have to have chocolate now”. And yep, we go and eat chocolate, and not just a little bit, we end up eating the whole thing!

Or we may have gotten into a good habit of exercising on a daily basis and are forming impressive healthy habits.  Our conscious mind thinks “You know you never stick to an exercise plan, what are you thinking” or “You have always been chubby and you always will be” and then overtime, we slowly go back to our old unsuccessful ways.  Or do you not know when enough is enough, and then end up drinking way too much alcohol on a regular basis, or way too often make really poor food choices and the list goes on?

It is so easy to just give in when this happens, and sometimes easier to just let our old limiting beliefs and unsuccessful bad habits, run rampant.   But it doesn’t need to be that way.

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Limiting Beliefs

Self-Confidence – Stress & Anxiety

Hypnosis is about subconsciously enabling a conscious alteration of habitual and patterned negative beliefs.  And it all starts with our mindset.  Our thoughts lead to feelings, and then our feelings create our actions.

The problem, of course, is not that we have thoughts; the problem is that we believe them and engage with them and allow them to shape our lives.

Hypnotherapy is an extremely powerful process of re-education and reprogramming our mind.

Imagine living your life with renewed energy, hope, calmness and confidence.  Well, you can if you are ready to leave your past behind you by changing your mindset today.

New memories are continuously altered or created by our subconscious mind.  Our memories are just glimpses of previous perceptions and they do become distorted and change over time.

When we circumnavigate our conscious mind through hypnotherapy, it allows us to experience many therapeutic benefits.  It is a highly effective way of reducing stress related problems, by releasing accumulated physical, mental, and emotional tension from our body and mind.

One of the many benefits of hypnotherapy is, that when our body is in a deep state of relaxation, our subconscious mind is listening and is in a highly focused state.  This then allows our subconscious mind to re-frame past events and release past limiting beliefs. 

What we see, think and believe in our head about ourselves, is just a thought.  When we stop engaging with a negative or unhelpful thought, when we stop believing it and acting as though it were true, we immediately allow new thoughts, feelings and beliefs to be established.

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