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Even when our want to change is enormous, and we are really focused, willpower and determination alone will not get us to where we want to go.  We can chant daily positive affirmations to ourselves, look at our vision boards, but even when we hear our positive self-talk, we remain stuck and nothing changes.

By understanding distinctly what has caused you to feel that you have stagnated or plateaued, and knowing precisely how you are sabotaging yourself, will help you to make real progress in your life and attain greater fulfilment.

Discover Your 'Self'

What makes Life Coaching with Rhonda unique?

A distinct difference with participating in Life Coaching with Rhonda Jansen, is the proven Mindset Profile that is recognised and considered as a pivotal part of producing crystal clear results in an individual’s areas of strengths and weaknesses.

By knowing distinctly and seeing clearly what you have to work on, ensures sustainable change and growth. The Life Coaching Mindset Profile resonates instantly with people.  With 21 years’ professional experience, Rhonda Jansen guarantees to give you very hard and solid examples of what your personal Mindset Profile looks like in your everyday life. Both personally and professionally.

With a thorough understanding, clients are then able to process and get a handle on what they are hearing about themselves.

“My clients are always amazed by how accurate their results are.”

There are 32 distinct categories specifically targeted around what decides an individual’s long-term success in all areas of their life.  Getting a handle on them will help you identify the areas that require you to think differently. Every Life Coaching session is designed and aligned to your personal and professional goals.

Rhonda Jansen is  known and recognised as a mental, emotional and physical wellness professional in Life Coaching.

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How can Life Coaching benefit you?

Life Coaching for Business

Life Coaching for business owners, managers and team leaders

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Life Coaching on the Sunshine Coast

If you live on the Sunshine Coast, Mastery of Mindset with Rhonda Jansen offers Life Coaching at her office in beautiful Caloundra.

And if you don’t live on the Sunshine Coast

You can live anywhere and still participate in Life Coaching with Rhonda Jansen. COVID has seen many businesses successfully communicate, train and keep connected via Zoom.

If this rings a bell and resonates with you and you are wanting to turn your current situation around.  If you want to experience the amazing results that Life Coaching with Rhonda Jansen guarantees you will achieve, then make contact with us today.