What is Mindset Coaching?

If you want to be successful in business, sports, relationships, or anything in life you need to have the mindset that delivers you the long-lasting results that you desire. 

Mindset Coaching helps you to rewire your current mindset to encourage you to become a better version of yourself because your current mindset is the primary cause of your current behaviour, attitude and therefore your current results.

As a Mindset Coach for over 20 years, I will show you explicitly what it is that has been causing your angst or impeding you from achieving your targets.

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Steps of Mindset Coaching

Do you know what you specifically need to change within your thinking and current mindset, for you to achieve the changes and outcomes you have been searching for?

The secret is in knowing exactly what areas of your thinking needs upskilling.  The old saying, “You can’t manage if you don’t measure” certainly applies when it comes to mindset coaching.

Don’t waste your time or money in areas you don’t need training in.  A great Mindset Coach will discover for you precisely what specific thinking or behaviour needs upskilling.


Step One- Mindset Profile Questionnaire

The ‘Mastery of Mindset’ Profile Questionnaire comprises of 32 categories that are distinctly essential to an individual’s long-term success.  How can you be crystal clear and understand what changes need to be made if you don’t understand what the genuine cause is? The only way we can change entrenched thinking and behaviours is by firstly having a solid grasp of your current mindset.


Through this Questionnaire, you can understand:

 What are the driving forces behind your current mindset

What is the real cause of your current attitude and current behaviours

Then through mindset coaching, you will then experience a massive turn around in your thinking and therefore your behaviour.


 Step Two – Mindset Coaching

With a clear vision of what thinking and behaviour needs upskilling, clients are guided to become motivated to make permanent changes in their life.

To make lasting change requires:

Understanding and acceptance of what has caused your thinking and behaviour over the years.

Learning powerful techniques to gain a solid grasp of how to strengthen and control your mindset to achieve all the outcomes you desire.

Developing a clear vision of what you are wanting to achieve, both professionally and personally.

Bespoke mindset coaching sessions that are enjoyable, effective, and focused on very distinct outcomes for each meeting.


Mindset coaching is conducted once a week for two hours either face-to-face or via zoom, and dependent on the results from the Mindset Profile Questionnaire, programmes range from six weeks through to ten weeks.

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Who can benefit from a mindset coach and why?

Who can benefit from a mindset coach?  It doesn’t matter if you own a large organisation or a small business or even if it is just you. The want and the drive to improve what we do and how we do it is always our WHY!

Imagine if by changing one key thought on how you think and feel about something,
would see you moving forward easily and effortlessly in all areas of your life.

Well, you can by opening your mind to new ways of thinking.

All lasting change, without exception, happens from the inside out. Because our internal thoughts and past experiences create our reality today, the smallest of changes within our mindset, will change our behaviour and actions which we will feel and see the impact of immediately. 

Imagine the positive impact that this shift would have in your life. 

If you are serious about improving yourself or your team, contact me now.

I look forward to working with you.