The Ball of Hindsight

Some people have forethought.  They have enough sense to get out of the way when they see a truck coming.

Some people have hindsight.  The best they can do is to get the licence plate number of the truck, after they have been hit.

And then some people, have neither!

In business, we can be so busy running around that we don’t even see the truck coming, let alone the energy to get back up and get the number plate after we have been knocked down.

As the saying goes, time waits for no-one and as we approach another winter, take time out to think about what you have learnt in the last year.  What will you change or do differently before the clock strike’s midnight on New Year’s Eve so, if a truck heads towards you, you will have the time and energy, to get out of its way?

We can all make changes in our business and personal life.  But what we tend to trip over as our enthusiasm wavers, is our psychological struggle to change.

Our own thoughts can often be our biggest hurdle to success, which is woeful when you think about it.

If this happens to you at times, ask yourself the following questions: –

  1. What are you telling yourself on a daily basis?  Is it positive or negative self-talk?
  2. Are you letting someone who gave up on their goals, talk you out of pursuing yours?
  3. Are you surrounding yourself with positive people who support your goals? 
  4. Is your own inner critic and arguments for limitations, preventing you from pushing yourself?
  5. Look closely at some of your limiting beliefs about yourself and really take the time to sit back and think about where they have stemmed from. 
  6. Are you spectating in certain areas of your life?
  7. Are you rationalising why you are not doing what you should be doing?
  8. Are you putting the effort or time in that you should be?
  9. Are you keeping your agreement to yourself?

By taking time out, we get to reconnect and listen to that little voice inside of us.  No not the one that says “Don’t go for a walk, sleep in because it’s too cold” or “What the heck, it’s only one small piece of cake”.  I’m talking about YOUR Awareness and as you all know, ignore your awareness at your peril. 

So, what are you going to do more of, so you don’t end up being the person with neither forethought nor hindsight?

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